Friday 27 January 2017

Bohemian miracles

TGIF lovelies!

It is with a grateful heart that I start today's post, the rain pouring down has indeed brought blessings- the answer to our prayers! And it ties in completely with my topic for today...

Earlier this week I heard someone say: "Miracles happen everyday...", but with such a sense of disbelief that it affected me. It got me thinking that we live so obliviously that it would be easy to miss the miracles which occur in our lives each day. The miracle referred to earlier this week was an obvious one, hence the disbelief... and this led me to ponder on the concept of miracles.

Last week I spoke about a sudden death and the importance of being present (read that post here), and the grief must be overwhelming when one is faced with such loss. However, if we look for the miracle in each day, it may make each day more bearable, it may make being present easier. We cannot question why tragedies occur, our constant faith is what get us through the hardships and will ensure that we accept what ever has been decreed. In the same way our faith will enable us to accept miracles without question, without the disbelief and constant wondering why. 

The word 'miracle' itself is loaded with implications, it is not easily used, accepted or believed. But if we embrace daily miracles, we become more acceptable of the concept and in a way we welcome miracles into our lives. So this week I have asked myself which daily miracles do I overlook? It does not have to be inexplicable, it just needs to be unexpected and special. 

Today, the thunder showers are a miracle, unexpected and welcoming in our time of need.

When I am feeling down, and receive a text, call or visit from someone who is special to me, that is regarded as a miracle. 

Having someone sent to ease a burden, offer support and encouragement without being asked, is a miracle.

Meeting somebody who years down the line has incidentally played a huge role in shaping a prosperous future - is a divine miracle. 

Being surrounded by people who volunteer themselves to add value to your life, with no hidden agenda - is a miracle.

Watching my little nephews and nieces develop into personalities of their own- is a special miracle.

And more importantly, being loved unconditionally is truly a miracle in my eyes. And having my children know love, and feel free to express love and show it- even more of a miracle.

We live in such a cynical society that our first instinct when faced with a 'miracle' is to question it. To try and reason why it happens, to dissect the meaning and find the reason or cause. Trauma and life has taught us to be on our guard at all times, to be careful of who we 'let in'. I know this firsthand, having gone through a big part of my life not trusting just anyone, not letting everyone see me. I used it as a coping mechanism, having experienced trauma at a young age, I didn't feel safe enough to trust. 

What I realised, is that by closing certain parts of myself off, I was not allowing miracles to happen. I was not allowing the grace of the divine to enter my life, regardless of my religious practices. By not sharing my value, by not serving others I was wrapped up in my own things, trying to protect myself from hurt- and in the process choosing not to heal. Once I had chosen to shed those behaviours, and open myself up to love, and to be authentic with others, did I make space for miracles to happen. 

And they happened, everyday, and at times I am surprised by them, and at other times I am just thankful. I am just thankful to have undertaken a journey into myself to be able to understand my inner workings, my value, and what I have to offer. 
That, on it's own, is a miracle to me.

Today's post features a bohemian maxi dress, which I bought from the Something Pretty Pop Up store. I really adore their unique pieces, which is imported by the beautiful Tasneem, who certainly has an eye for amazing pieces. This dress represents my unconventional side, seen by the way I have styled it - with a  sleeveless denim jacket and rose gold sneakers. The bodice of the dress is beaded, which blends in with the pretty pattern, ticking all the requirements for a classic fashion item in my wardrobe (some glam with a touch of alternative).

Outfit details:
Dress from Something Pretty Pop Up Store (shop here)
Sleeveless denim jacket (old)
Lacoste rose gold sneakers purchased abroad
Louis Vuitton bag purchased abroad
Black raw silk scarf (old)
Black Peacock pearls from Crystal Boutique (shop here)
Sunglasses from Zulu Lulu (check them out here)
'LOVE' earrings bought abroad
Caio for now,
Rube xoxo

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