Tuesday 17 May 2016

OnQ Makeup Workshop

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Winter is upon us, with cold frosty air outside, and heated interiors, our skin takes a beating. My skin usually gets dry, flaky and tight, a sure sign that a richer moisturiser is needed for winter.

In February I attended the OnQ Makeup Workshop, it was so informative and fun! Qaanita is such a dynamic person, and oh so talented with makeup. The venue was light and airy, and yummy snacks provided for some sustenance during the workshop.

I am usually overwhelmed with all the makeup around, there’s foundations, primers, BB creams, CC creams and foundation spray on products. Don’t even get me started on the endless array of makeup brushes… I always feel like I haven’t done quite the right thing with the products, or that I may have chosen the wrong shade. It used to be a mystery to me how to apply makeup and now I don’t feel as intimidated by the world of make up!  

Qaanita started off by stressing the importance of taking care of ones skin with correct cleansing, removing make up at night, drinking lots of water and getting regular monthly facials. I follow these steps religiously and include exfoliation, and a regular moisturising mask. My skin treatments are done at Biodermal Aesthetic Clinic in Wynberg, a clinic which specialises in non-invasive treatments. Read more here and here on some treatments I’ve had done.  Sunscreen is of utmost importance, and Qaanita shared some handy tips on applying sunscreen and foundation and products which function as a sunscreen, moisturiser and primer in one!

We were taken through make up application step by step, and you are requested to bring along your own makeup bag, so that you are able to practise with your own products and obtain some guidance from Qaanita. This is a great help,  as she is then able to direct you on what you’re currently using, and if it is the correct shade and product.

Participants were shown how to create specific looks, apply lashes and ask Qaanita to chat about specific concerns as well as her opinion and synthetic vs natural brushes. The morning was so much fun, it was small and personal, and every one had the opportunity to have their individual make up issues addressed. 
It was such a enjoyable morning, and the most important thing I took away from the workshop was the confidence to try different looks and even apply some lashes. And how to perfect your brows, and  finished off of course with a glam goodie bag.

If you’re feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by makeup and its application, fear not, Qaanita will be hosting another make up workshop on 13th August, book here.
It will be money well spent, because I actually save by not buying unneccessary products any longer!

‘Makeup is Art,
Spirit is Beauty” 
- OnQ Makeup

Photo: Shezan Photography for OnQ Makeup
Photo: Shezan Photography for OnQ Makeup
Photo: Shezan Photography for OnQ Makeup

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