Friday 4 December 2015

Metallic December OOTD

Hello December!
The first week of December has arrived, Cape Town goes into holiday mode and tourists fill our popular hotspots. But before the locals enter relax mode, we need to endure awards ceremonies, year end parties and wrapping up on the business front. 
I am so grateful that my sons have all performed really well, and received awards in their respective areas. They work really hard during the year - and I drive them around like a rushed chauffeur - so it is really rewarding to see their pride when accepting their awards, or sharing their accomplishments.
This week has raised the debate of not having any awards ceremonies, to empathise with kids who have strengths in areas beside sports and academic, and how it makes them feel for not receiving any recognition. In the foundation phase all kids are rewarded for their respective strengths and includes non academic and non sport awards. Whilst I agree with this in principle, I also think that academic and sport awards have a place in society. It creates the habit of striving for excellence, it motivates all kids to appreciate hard work and aspire to be an award recipient.

As parents we have to ensure that our kids are well adjusted and understand the dynamics of society from an early age. And whether they excel in sports and academics or not, we are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that they are happy being themselves and able to harness their relative strengths. We are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that our kids can deal with the disappointment of not receiving the recognition at school and that they understand that it no way is a reflection on them or their strengths. We cannot place the responsibility on the school to teach them about themselves, just as we cannot expect the greater society to make adjustments to change things for them - the reality is it will not happen. The aim is to raise adults who are happy being themselves, happy and able to function in a society that is not always forgiving.

We live in a reward based society, at work those who perform receive accolades in the form of financial remuneration or promotions. In sport, top performers are rewarded for excellent performance. That will always be the way of the world, and as adults we would hopefully choose to work in a field about which we are passionate. This will ensure reward in the chosen area of strength, but the principle of working hard and not expecting things to just land in your lap remains.

“Work hard and become a leader,
Be lazy and become a slave” - Proverb

And onto today’s lookpost:
I’ve paired a gold coated jeans from two seasons ago, with an assymetrical coat and still a favourite caged heels. 

Assymetrical sleeveless coat from Few and Far Collections
Country Road coated jeans
ZARA heels (own import)
Michael Kors bag 
Forever 21 knit top
Beaded neckpiece old
Woolworths scarf
Giorgio Armani suglasses from Sunglass Hut

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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