Monday 22 September 2014

Spree Spring/Summer 2014 Lookboard event

Just over a week ago I attended the Spree Spring/ Summer Lookboard event which was held at the Brundyn Gallery in Central Town.

Upon entering the event, one could feel the tangible excitement of fashionistas from all over Cape Town. The guests included, press, celebrities, bloggers and photographers who all blended together in an array of dazzling fashion. People were mingling, chatting animatedly, taking selfies, posing for photographers and enjoying the cocktails and food on offer.

“Fashion producer Deon Redman and Spree’s Fashion Director Chris Viljoen worked their magic to create a fashion experience that few will forget. Striking models posed on raised plinths against a backdrop of magnificent illuminate white paper flowers- a refreshing departure from traditional runway shows. Guests assumed the role of fashion photographers- forming a paparazzi style crowd around the installation.”

The Spree Boutique was also launched at this Lookboard event, and aims at making designer wear accessible via an online portal. This boutique will carry designs of Marianne Fassler, Gert-Johan Coetzee, Kluk CGDT, Thula Sindi and Clive Rundle. I am particularly drawn to Thula Sindi’s & Kluk CGDT designs, with its beautiful fusion of design and colour with unbelievable fabrics.

My favourite KluK CGDT creation

A Thula Sindi design I can definitely  see myself in

All photos courtesy of Spree

And then some more:

Taking a moment with Yumna and Iptishaam
With Twala N’Gambi, Angel, and Fatima
Thanks to Spree for the great evening and delivering on awesome fashion as always!

Ciao for now,

RuBe xoxo

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