Monday 15 September 2014

Hey Gorgeous Summer Product Launch

Hi Lovelies!

Last weekend I attended the Hey Gorgeous High Tea at the One and Only. The event was to introduce their new Summer Product range, but it was also a great opportunity to chat and catch up with fellow bloggers. The setting was so relaxed and yet buzzing with excited chatter at the same time, the food divine and obviously aesthetically perfect!

Hey Gorgeous entered my awareness early last year, and since I am a huge Body Shop fan, I was certain I was going to love their products. I DID! The most important aspect of their products is that it is all natural, and anti cruelty - both being very important to me. In addition to this, they have heavenly ‘food’ combinations and smells - fruity, chocolately, minty - just overall yumminess!!!!! Their products smell so good you actually want to gobble it up; so good they actually have to insert a caution on the label instructing you NOT to eat it!

The Summer range is without a doubt a winner in my books. I love fresh, fruity, zesty fragrances for Summer and I am a collector of body mousses and butters - Hey Gorgeous have now introduced the body sorbet. It has a wonderful gel like consistency, and I bought the pineapple and mango body sorbet and a pina colada body scrub. (Did I mention how awesome their body scrubs are???) The sorbet is a great moisturiser (actually like all their body mousses and souffles) but it is perfect for summer as it has that cooling effect when applied. Just plain heaven….

They have been selling online for the most part (shop here) and have now included worldwide shipping as part of their service offering. 

A morning to tantalise the senses indeed… Colourful, tasty and sweet smelling all surrounded by beautiful people and views. Bliss!
The cutest little teapot 

How pretty are the treats?

Pheebs doing her thing, Leana in the limelight

What a stunning view…

My sister, Aneesa, accompanied me to the event

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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