Monday 25 August 2014

My baby, My baby, My baby turns 16!!


Your first birthday party

I can still remember the day you were born… Two weeks late, and we were eagerly awaiting your arrival. Dad And Mum, could not wait to meet this little person who would enter our lives to make it  brighter, fuller, challenging and so fulfilling.  

Your 7th birthday (2005)

2010 World Cup

Delivering your speech at your aunts wedding (2012)


From the moment you were born, you were a passive little person, 
An independent little being finding your own way,
In your own way.
 Anticipated and loved by so many before your debut into this world,
When you entered our universe, we lost our hearts,
And the ability to function self centeredly.
You made an impactful presence, 
A joyful prescence,
The presence of our love 
Manifested in another living person.

You transformed from that loveable, sensitive little toddler, 
Into a gentle, thoughtful young man.
Navigating your own place in the world.
Pounding at the boundaries whilst we try to keep them in place.
Debates have become the bane of my life
But the pride in seeing you expand,
In character, in personality and stature,
Have made them all worthwhile.

Our son, our first big building block,
May you find your purpose.
May you follow the path and stay true,
For all we strive for
Is happiness for you.

You are our first born, and therefore many of our firsts in this uncertain world of parenting. And while you may occasionally feel that we don’t understand, or know what you’re going through; know that we’re also just doing the best we can. My wish is for you to follow your dreams, your destiny, to always remember that you’re a young Muslim man, and soon to be captain of your own ship.

Eid 2014

With Lots of Love, 
Mum & Dad


  1. Happy Birthday! Now to another 16 years of great challenges... It does not end, ask my mum hahahaha

  2. Happy birthday to our big boy!