Friday 17 January 2014

My taste of Dubai

Hello Lovely readers

I trust that everyone had a wonderful holiday, and even if you were working that you managed to take out some leisure time. Afterall, we live in a beautiful country with so many breathtaking sights.

Having said that, we decided to spend our break abroad, taking our boys on their first overseas trip. Every year we spend New Years out of Cape Town which is our timeshare week. The boys love our time at Pine Lake each year, but as they started growing up, other social events started happening back home. With this in mind, and the fact that my eldest, Ziyaad,will be turning 16 this year, starting a part-time job in December; we opted to do a special holiday to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Ziyaad (15) has expressed the need to spend some time with his buddies, so I have to accept the fact that this past holiday will be his last with us over our timeshare break. So onto the experience of Dubai….

Having only traveled to Europe and UK before, this was my first foray into an Arab country and I was genuinely impressed. My first impression is of a clean, safe and seriously organised country. During the following days, the city opened up like a beautiful bloom, exposing the impeccably clean streets, beautiful mosques and massive skyscrapers. My kids were overwhelmed and it was refreshing to see how my baby, Ihsaan (9), drank in everything he saw, touched and ate. 

From sightseeing on the Big Bus, to Wild Wadi, The Dubai Mall & Aquarium, Burj Khalifa, there was so much to see and do. Whilst the food was rather pricey, especially when doing the conversion to ZAR, it was well worth being able to pick and choose since anything and everything was strictly Halaal. A far cry from my trips to Italy and France! 

Of course we took in the sights at the Old Souks, and markets, engaging in the art of negotiating prices for goods. What an absolutely diverse city, with the Old Dubai (Deira Dubai) and the new, modern Dubai (Burj Dubai) one can really appreciate their amazing progress in a short 42 years.

After a week in Dubai, we moved onto Abu Dhabi where our first stop was Ferrari World. This was the highlight of the trip my kids had been eagerly anticipating. Some more shopping, and completing our Friday Prayers at the Grand Sheikh Zayed mosque ended our whirlwind visit through this great cosmopolitan city.

Even though we had a amazing time, it wasn’t without mishap. Ameer (13) landed in hospital and on a nebuliser by day 2; and losing Ihsaan (9) in Wild Wadi for about 45 minutes added a bit of drama never to be forgotten. 

Hopefully the FEW pics will give you a taste of Dubai …. 

The first thing on our list- Friday prayers
 at the Jumeirah Grand Mosque
Breathtaking architecture of the Jumeirah Grand mosque
Dubai skyline

Jumeirah Beach, and the stunning 7 star Burj Al Arab hotel in the
Ski Dubai- a ski slope inside the
Mall of the Emirates
Atlantis… my next choice of accommodation possibly?
That building though...
Bloomingdales... some items were even 90% OFF! Seriously!!

South African diamonds claiming its spot in the Dubai Mall
Amazing! A full blown Aquarium inside the Dubai Mall

I love Animals!
After the bended knee.... he took possession of this remote Ferrari
Hamleys in Arabic LOL
Some tea with wax Bedouins
Love these water taxis, theyre cheaper than the automobile taxis!
Entering the Old Dubai Souk

The outside deck, at the top of Burj Khalifa, NYE 2013
Waiting for The Burj Khalifa NYE fireworks to begin
Night view from the Burj Khalifa
We love our photo memories... NYE 2013
Taking a breather in the courtyard of the Sheikh Makhtoum heritage palace
Walking, walking and more walking along the Dubai Creek
Our view from the hotel in Abu Dhabi- Yas Marina circuit
with a view of the stunning Viceroy hotel in the distance
My family ready for last Friday prayers (Jumuah)
at Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Ciao for now,

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