Thursday 24 January 2013

Introspection:normal life

Life returns to normal and my time is now filled with school, sports trips and stationery.   I am still on sabbatical and spending time every day to reflect on my career and health, vs. being a stay at home mum and concentrating on my priorities. For so long, my career has played a very big part of what I am and what I do, my decision making, and I rarely had time to reflect.

So, while I have no meetings to rush to and no budgets with no deadlines, I am using this time to recuperate health wise and re-evaluate. Of course, a career is very important and fulfilling, whilst being a mom and wife and home maker is an unacknowledged job. I have already pointed this out in a previous post (which you can read HERE). But the longer I think about it, I realise that I know my children so much better after being at home with them all this time and we’ve had some really memorable times.

My son, Ziyaad has entered adolescence and it is a very difficult time for me, as much as for him. Apart from having a demanding job, I also had to deal with the mood swings and evolving personality. We spent the majority of our time, disagreeing, arguing and “fighting”.   I suppose he was testing the boundaries as teens do, and I barely had the time (or energy) to chat amicably never mind constantly negotiate boundaries. And to add to this, I also have two younger boys, who are rambunctious, busy and also in need of constant mommy attention. This was a typical day when I work and come home to my ‘second job’.

It’s no wonder my health took a back step, as I tried to juggle everything and “have” everything. As my doctor says, women generally multitask pretty well, but all we end up doing is taking away from one area and giving to another (usually at our own expense).
I find myself in the position of having to reconsider my priorities, this being forced on me partly by the state of my health and partly out of necessity.  Thus I am taking some time doing lots of introspection about what is important to me, above all what is best for me.

Here’s a look of what I wore to a school event, an old maxi bought a good few years ago with my Madison heels I won last month . It was a scorcher of a day, and I did not have the inclination to dry my hair. So I pinned it back and off I went. (Oh how I miss my tresses- I could have braided it!).

I'm wearing:
Legend shirt| 'vintage' maxi| Mr Price belt| Madison heels| Guess bracelet| necklaces by Honey & The Space|

Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo

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