Tuesday 4 December 2012

Celebrating the milestones

I recently attended a stunning all white party at my brother’s home in Sunset Beach. My sister in law turned 30 and had planned the most spectacular farewell to her twenties and grand hello to her thirties. It really got me thinking about how I spent my 30th, not at all thrilled at leaving my twenties behind. I was not happy at the prospect of being a “thirty-year-old”, and despite my achievements I felt as if I still had so much to do!
Final check before heading out
I actually forgot my camera, and the lighting was so muted, my picture quality is not at its best :(
Birthday girl, Simin, and I

Some really delectable desserts

And some more....

Seeing Simin (my sister-in-law) address this milestone birthday with such open enthusiasm made me realise that’s its best to celebrate the here and now. It’s important to realise that tomorrow is not a certainty, so do what you dream of or aspire to and enjoy every minute of every day.

 Somewhere along the line I may have gotten side-tracked and forgotten this mantra.  It could be mommy duties, work responsibilities and time passing so rapidly that I did not pause and step back from the rat race.
The party was sensational to say the least. The décor was stunning, white paper lanterns strung along the ceiling and the trees had twinkling fairy lights. The entertainment took the form of belly dancers and fire dancers. It was different and so much fun! The belly dancers gave lessons while the party continued with dancing, good food and lovely company.

Simin, My sister, Zoelva and I

This guy was amazing!

 I was wearing:
Polo shirt| Woolworths jeans|Tina Liu Heels|Mandi Miller clutch| Mr Price Statement necklace & belt

So next time… I shall celebrate all the milestones, even if it means ageing!
Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo

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