Tuesday 25 December 2012

2012- the year that was - featuring Awesum-WP

It’s that time of the year, when everyone winds down and spends precious time with family. I have been reflecting on the year that has been, and it has been a chaotic one! We have had so many things happening that it’s so right to be off on a sabbatical to recover from the year that was 2012.

We embarked on a huge renovation of our home in November last year and it resulted in almost entire demolition and rebuilding! But by February, thanks to the hard work of my contractor (aka my brother:-D) we were able to move back home. It was a trying time; hubby and I “squatted” with my sister, while my kids lived with the grandparents- getting more spoilt as the days passed.

During this time, we suffered a traumatic fire, where our car caught alight whilst driving (with all 5 of us inside!). It was a terrifying experience, as we struggled to bring the car to a stop, and ensure that the kids were out of the car in time. What made it more difficult is that Ghaalid’s car is a two-door, which meant that I would have to get out and then try to get the boys out. We eventually managed to all get out, and dash as far from the car as possible. Two minutes later, the car was engulfed in flames, I had a sobbing 7 year old on my hands and two shocked teens. It was such a surreal experience; I still get goosebumps just thinking back to that day in January. We are so blessed that no one was hurt.
The M3 before the fire

AWESUM-WP going up in flames ;-(
Anyone who knows me knows I love fashion; anyone who knows my husband, Ghaalid, would know that he loves his car. It is his baby, called AWESUM-WP, and always accessorised with wheels and other bits I am not too familiar with. The fire was therefore a double blow as he saw his family being bundled out of the burning car and his prized possession go up in flames. His BMW M3 was his pet project, right down to the mags and accessories.

Off on errands:

Formula one TAG Heuer (My anniversary gift from Hubby bought on the cruise :-D), gifted tennis bracelet

TopShop Ring

Wallet gift from my sister

I am wearing:
Studio W t-shirt|Coppelia mullet skirt|Woolworths belt|Country Road pumps|Gifted Gold necklace|Mr Price necklaces| D&G sunglasses
There are so many other incidences, many of which one would look back at and realise it’s good to be grateful to live each day. It might not always be easy, but we’re blessed with health, loved ones, a place to live and so many other opportunities.

I am therefore appreciative of all I have and being able to enjoy each day. 
Happy Holidays and Be Safe!!

Ciao for now,

RuBe xoxo


  1. New follower here, it's always good to find fellow South Africans :)
    It's devastating what happened to your husband's car, thank goodness no one was physically hurt.
    I don't wear rings often but I love your Topshop ring.


    1. Thanks Odette,

      I have checked out your blog, and love it!

      I am now also a follower xx


  2. Oh my word that is hectic! so glad you are all okay - love the blog :) found you through Odette actually (most of my fav local blogs I found through her-such a stalker)


    1. Thanks for the support! I'll check out your blog ...
      I love connecting with fellow SA bloggers too!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is horrifying!!! What was the reason for the fire - do you have any idea?
    THERE'S another thing to add to my list of things about which to be paranoid :) :)

    1. Hey, unfortunately BMW and the insurance company could not identify the source or reason for the fire (00). I now, my kids are still cautious of BMWs now! Thank goodness though we were unharmed.#blessings

  4. what a terrifying experience! i hope all is ok now.

    cute blog :)


    1. Thanks JoJo, Yeah thankfully all is fine now! xx