Friday, 7 July 2017

Spiritual preparation in progress

Welcome beautiful readers, 

What a stunning Friday morning in Cape Town, the chill is in the air, but the sun is out! It is totally reflective of the week I have had. There are moments of complete peace and serenity and then I had moments of panic and overwhelm. The preparation for my journey has taken over life and my daily routine. 
In fact, apart from my set times for working, the routine is completely off kilter, and I suppose the timing is perfect since it is school holidays. The moments of peace and serenity is usually when I contemplate what this journey holds for me, the places I'll visit and what I am hopeful to accomplish. The moments of panic ensues when I am asked what I still need ( I have no idea!) and what still needs to be done. It is then followed by me consulting my lists. 
I have several lists to help keep me sane: A greeting list (ie the list of friends and family I need to visit personally), a list of specific toiletries and meds needed, a list of things to get ready at home, a list of things to pack for Arafah and so on and so on.... And whilst I don't need to pack much in the way of clothing, as this is very simple and easy, there are so many other things to concentrate on! This should give you a pretty good idea of where the panic stems from,  and then I actually just throw up my hands and say, "whatever must be must be..." 
I have just under 3 weeks to go before I depart, and I would like to focus on a spiritual programme I'd like to put together, but the To-Do list beckons ominously. We have had the most precious little girl welcomed into the family this week, and that too has been so amazing and a very welcome distraction. (I am so in love with this little human ❤️).
I know that nothing will prepare me for what I am to experience, hence I am consciously working at leaving with no expectations, at just arriving and soaking up all that I can. I am cognisant that this trip is like no other, one cannot plan for the emotional and spiritual overwhelm that will certainly arise. So I fully intend to open myself up to just being in the moment- from the minute I set foot on Arabian soil. 
In preparation for this trip, I have found that I have very little time, or very little inclination to shoot fashion posts, and stick to my usual schedule on social media posting. This too is another aspect of  my preparation, there is an unconscious distancing from the material world, a movement towards the inner spectrum where I'll need to communicate from. I am having to spend time on preparing my inner self for this monumental journey, and as so many have said - to aim to be fully present on the plains of Arafah and Wuqoof. It is at this time that my most scared dialogue will take place, where the material world will blur into the background and nothing else but my prayers, and my Creator will matter. I cannot possibly imagine what it will be like and I do not wish to hazard a guess, so I can only work to strengthen myself for this intensive spiritual journey. 

This will therefore will be my last lookpost, (luckily I had this shoot in the archives) for a while- I may or may not do an update on where I am in my preparation for my journey. It is so difficult to say where I'll be in the headspace, and whether I'd even be able to journal the progress leading up to my Hajj. I fully intend to keep a journal, and may do a written one, with titbits to share with my beautiful readers at a later stage. But for now, my focus has shifted from this little space of mine to the beautiful lands of Medina and Mecca. I am filled with a nugget of excitement and also trepidation at the same time- but forever grateful to have been chosen as a guest this year, Algamudililah!

I found this look in my files, and it is so serene and tranquil, I felt it would be the perfect outfit post to see the blog out on hiatus. All pieces are from my travels, and each has a very special memory and story attached to it. So while I am in this process of preparation for intense supplication, please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine. I am so thankful for the beautiful messages, inspiration and assistance I have received from readers! 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

And I'll be back in a few months time (at the very latest) to touch base!

Outfit details:

Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply dress from Asos (Old)
Urban leather jacket from Asos (Old)
Adidas sneakers (Footlocker UK)
Ted Baker bag
Scarf purchased in UK 
Sunglasses gifted
Various bracelets

Caio for now, 

RuBe xoxo

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Friday, 30 June 2017

The Journey has started...

Hello lovelies!

This is round two of today's post- I had it ready, saved (or so I thought) and published... Until I lost everything! All the work I had put in GONE! Poof! My brain has been a bit fuzzy since last week, kind of like my heart - all warm and fuzzy ❤️

Since I shared the news of my accreditation for Hajj (pilgrimage) I have had the most amazing encounters! I have received well wishes, emails, congratulations, tips and watsapps from so many people, some of whom I have never met! People have shared their research, lists and experiences with such open hearts- it just blew me away. What was even more special was that everyone,  regardless of race or religion has been so happy for me, wishing me with such reverence and awe.  My non-muslim friends are participating as much in this life-changing experience as my family. It has truly just reinforced the belief that we are all one, and able to share absolute joy.

 As I prepare for this journey, I realise that it actually started four years ago, the day I placed my name on the waiting list. And everything since then has conspired to bring me to this point. In hindsight, I can see how all the trials I have endured, the hardships and despair have all contributed to my personal growth. All the work, the lessons, and the people with whom I have forged bonds have granted me the ability to grab this life-changing opportunity and to embrace all it has to offer. I am excited, I am apprehensive and yet I am also content that there could be no other time that this could happen. This pilgrimage is the culmination of the beginning for me, for when I return it will be a continuation. 
It has started. 
Right here. 
At home. 
I have engaged in conversations with people who have performed their pilgrimage, the nostalgia apparent, the inner glow of fulfilment a testament to enormity of this journey. Each one has their own experience, and in some way every person has the same emotional bond and connection to their experience. This journey is undertaken by individuals from all corners of the globe, all with different traditions and cultures; and each one will perform the same rituals, wearing the same garb and stand as equals side by side on the plains of Arafah. Each one of us in humble supplication, where we can only hope to present the best of ourselves to our Creator. This will be a time of intense introspection, a sacred dialogue from a mere pilgrim, who has traversed the earth to have the honour of fulfilling this spiritual quest. There is no greater evidence of the oneness of humanity than this, the sight of this mass of individuals (all invited guests) all with one purpose, all with the same heart. It is with this feeling of oneness that people have reached out to me, offered gifts, offered prayers and wished me well. At no other time have I felt the love more, or experienced this honouring- it is indeed a humbling experience. 

This Eid was bittersweet, as we prepared the boys for the eventuality that we would not be around next Eid. It was a gesture for them, and I know for us as well. We greeted our nearest and dearest, handing out personal greeting cards, and as I sit and reflect, I am grateful that I have such limited time before I leave. I do not have the luxury of stressing about unnecessary things, it has forced us to focus on what's important and to forego the things that aren't. 
As I greeted family members in this beautiful piece put together by the beautiful Aysha, from Human Image, I felt truly special. Aysha has a knack for knowing what I need, and this outfit made from fabric she sourced abroad was the just the right thing to start my greetings! 
Thank you Aysha for being super awesome!
To purchase any pieces from The Human Image Range, please get in touch with Aysha on 0723711695 or visit her studio at 65 4th Avenue Rondebosch East.

“We are more alike than different. We Are One.”
Efrat Cybulkiewicz

Outfit details:
Human Image peplum top and skirt
Rebelfunk neckpiece
Vince Camuto heels
Mango quilted bag (old)
Pashmina styled as a scarf (old)
Country Road earrings
Lovisa cuff

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday, 23 June 2017

One call changed my outlook

 Hi beautiful readers!

On this last Friday and Jumuah of the Ramadaan, I feel especially blessed, I am filled with a sense of wonder at how Allah (SWT) brings to you exactly what is needed. This has been a month like no other Ramadaan, the bubble of introspection and supplication in our home has meant that we have not ventured to go anywhere, except for hubby's birthday last week. Even the kids have stayed in (I suppose also because it was exams) and felt no need to step out. I have had the most amazing things happen this month and the most profound experiences, all engineered by Divine intervention.

This week one phone call catapulted me into such a profound space, which I instinctively felt I have been preparing for all month. Unknown, I had been preparing for the invitation which every Muslim yearns for, the invitation to perform pilgrimage and visit the Holy lands. And this after I had accepted that it would possibly only happen next year, and I was content to wait my turn. I spent the first day in a daze, and sprang into action by day 2 since I literally only have a month before I leave. By nature I am usually well prepared and usually have all my travel arrangements sorted ages before I leave. 
This time though, I don't have that luxury, the trip is not one where I am able to determine my flight dates, airlines, mode of transfer from the airport and so on. And yet, I am comfortable to take my pick from options presented by my travel agent, trusting that what must be must be. 

This is unusual for me, and yet so liberating. I don't feel stressed that the hotel won't be as I expect, or worried about the flight (I do NOT like flying!!) or even concerned about the Saudi heat. My focus has shifted to ensuring my kids and home are taken care of. My priority is to cultivate my spiritual being, ensuring it is open, clear, uncluttered and able to make the most of the journey, the experience and connecting with my Creator. I am constantly filled with the greatest feeling of awe and gratitude. 

Today's post is therefore a celebration of our beautiful city, which I will leave behind, the stunning back drop of Table Mountain a perfect example of the beauty of God's (Allah SWT) creations. It was super chilly, but there's nothing like the smell of the sea, and the sun on my face to feel grounded and part of the universe. 
The outfit features a ZARA dress worn as a top, skinny jeans and comfy platform brogues.





Outfit details:
ZARA dress
Guess jeans
Dune London brogues
Precious Rose scarf
Rebecca Minkhoff bag
Giorgio Armani sunglasses
Stance sequin socks
Honey earrings
Crystal Paradise pearl necklace
Chanel lips

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday, 16 June 2017

A birthday wish for my life champion...

Hello again lovelies!

Today's post is a special one, dedicated to the rock in my life, my constant, my best friend and partner - the hubby. The one who treks to all locations to take my photos, who never complains when I have to work late, and will offer his assistance at a the drop of a hat.

Most of my posts centre around my role as a homemaker and wife, the trials we face as mothers and nurturers and the tribulations we face whilst trying to be the best role models we can be. Today my other half celebrates his born day, a day to be celebrated, a day for me to give thanks that he has been placed here for me. I feel as if we have a bond that transcends the years we have been together, a bond that was formed long before I even knew him. A bond that was destined to be fulfilled on my path in life, to help the other fly. We have been through many ups, a couple of lows, some trying times and we have been able to forge a new path forward each time. Strengthening ourselves and our family along the way.

I firmly believe that everything has been ordained for us, so everything we experience, the good and the bad, has been gifted to us for a greater purpose. I trust in that, and will weather what I need to and will endure my trials with grace. And at every corner my partner has been there to cheer me on, to remind me that this too shall pass or to just hold me while the tears flowed. Every minute of our lives together has been an adventure, we cherish experiences and memories and have banked so many,  I am eternally grateful for every single moment. I am thankful that you walk this earth by my side. Algamdulilah 🙏

My dear husband, 
Time passes by so swiftly that I want to freeze frame some moments, 
The moments where we're laughing until our sides hurt, 
The moments when our hearts fill with love at a little token from the boys.
I am forever grateful for what we have, 
I am forever grateful for our blessings, 
As I am for our trials. 
Life with you is a gift to my healing heart, 
It is a panacea for my traumas, 
And has helped me become whole.
Your unending well of love
has touched all of us, 
Your kind heart,
is an example to model.
May your born day be special, may you feel the everlasting love surround you.
May the day bring you joy, a lightness and the knowledge that you are special.
And may we spend many more together, in search of new adventures,
forging new paths, with exuberance and purpose. 
All my love, 
ME 💖 

This lookpost is more about the beautiful  morning we spent at Rhodes Memorial, while the sun was not yet high in the sky, the fog a heavy blanket over the city. These moments are priceless, and I cherish them deeply.
The outfit features all my old favourites from past seasons put together for a comfortable look. Representative of life with my hubby, all the bits and memories in the tapestry of life have come together to form a beautiful life.

Outfit details:

Hse of Bespoke suede fringe dress/top 
A Sense of Style sequin long cardi
Guess jeans
Adidas sneakers
YSL bag (purchased abroad)
Feather earrings old
Scarf old
Giorgio Armani sunglasses

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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