Sunday 10 December 2017

This is Us...22 years later ❤️

Hello Readers, 

Today is very special, it marks the day I embarked on life with a forever teammate. Celebrating 22 years of partnership, of mutual growth, of learning and ever present support. Two years ago we marked the 20 year milestone, (read that post here) and it feels as if we have weathered another 10 years since then!

It's apt to say weathered, as things have not been easy these past two years for either one of us in our respective individual capacities, and yet it has also brought us the best realisations of ourselves. It has made us both stronger, clear on the way forward and what really matters. And with every personal challenge, you were there for me and I for you. The reciprocal encouragement, a boost for our low times, was paramount to our own personal growth. You give selflessly, take care of me, make me laugh and boost me up when things get a bit much. 
My darling hubby, you are an angel on earth, who has helped me heal, who has challenged me while filling my days with joy and love; standing by my side when things go awry ❤️.

This past year alone has been a whirlwind ride, we have experienced the most life altering journey together, spent 6 weeks alone in a hotel room, and emerged stronger, with a sense of rejuvenation. This #journeyofalifetime has captivated us and ensnared us in its majesty and has resulted in a bond with renewed grace. And while 2017 has been a year filled with intensity, for every single member of our family, we have grown closer with deeper understanding. There have been so many fundamental changes during this year, which started with our family vacation at the beginning of this year. Being away from everything familiar back home, making the most amazing memories, and spending every single day together for 2 weeks, was a catalyst to the extraordinary events of this year.

There is no magic formula to staying together for this amount of time, but I do believe that mutual respect, selfless love and acceptance of our vulnerability has played a huge role for us. I am eternally grateful that we crossed paths, I believe we were meant to be soul mates, bringing out the best in each other, each day ✨

For my life-partner, Ghaalid.,

All of our moments are cherished experiences,
We've travelled side by side on this journey, 
Forever evolving, always changing,
At times being forced to reroute our navigation.
There have been moments of discord,
Moments of disharmony, 
Which ultimately brought us closer,
Helped us grow and move forward on a new path.

We've meandered along this route, 
Welcomed three little angels as passengers,
As co-travellers on our route. 
They have brought new direction, 
Taught us new methods and compelled us to grow.
These little men have brought about a change,
Coerced new views and acceptance of new ways.

And all along, we have held fast to each other,
When we lost our way, 
When we climbed over difficult obstacles,
And when we had to tear down walls enroute.
All along we stayed true to our pact, 
We co-steered to our destination. 
Our route has been filled with the most unimaginable highs,
Joy in creating incredible memories,
Unconditional love in guiding our three little gifts,
Into wholesome young men.

I thank you, my co-pilot, for staying the course with me,
I thank you for making this voyage the most profound it could ever be.
I thank you for trusting me with all of you, 
And for embracing all of me.
Happy Anniversary my love!

Collecting our documents for our #journeyofalifetime was an outstanding moment for us this year
Our three treasures, present day
Roll back to 2010!
Our Euro vacation was the catalyst for a magical year!

Smile big, Laugh often, Never take this life for Granted

Because every picture tells a story :-D

It was one of the hardest things we had to do... leaving these 3 for 7 weeks!

Live simple, Laugh often, Love deeply
Another momentous moment for us this year, after our first Umrah
Our return home was such a joyous event!

Find Your Tribe. Love them Hard.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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