Saturday 14 September 2019

My first-born turns 21

Hi lovelies, 

My regular readers would know that I've been swamped and hence my posts have been few and far between this year. It's unbelievable the pace at which things have been going this year, and everything I have been involved in has meant very little time for my blog. 

But, there is no other time like the 21st birthday of my first-born to force me to sit down, and take a moment to pay tribute to this milestone, for both him and us as parents.
It's really not a walk in the park, parenting in today's society, and yet it is most rewarding and fulfilling. It is one of the most important gifts and responsibilities which has been Divinely bestowed upon me. And with these past two weeks being fraught with emotion, critique and hate speech around gender based violence, I feel the responsibility weigh even heavier on my shoulders. To ensure that these young men, will model behaviour seen in the home, integrate it into who they are and take it into the world and their lives going forward. I pray each day that they are able to withstand the challenges that life throws at them with Grace, and with the consciousness of being respectful of ALL individuals at ALL times. And living the best version of themselves always ❤️

I became a parent at the tender age of 21, so my 42nd birthday was an extra special one, as Ziyaad wished me, he said "Happy 2nd 21st birthday Mom". It was an emotional time, where I was extremely nostalgic and as I reflected upon all the trials we weathered together as parents. I looked at our nuclear family and felt an immense sense of achievement; as any parent knows, having young adults in the home is extremely challenging and yet it has also enabled the greatest growth for me as an individual. Provided I am open to learning from these young men, open to listening to their viewpoints and acknowledging that the world has changed from what I know. 

When we discussed celebrating this young man, we debated so many options for his birthday, and we settled on no big bash and just a trip with mom (since our birthdays are literally 3 days apart). And as the time drew near for our trip, his campus schedule was so full, he was unable to get away, so it then quickly turned into a last minute dash to put together a birthday celebration. And from there, all my attention was focused on planning his party with very little time for his tribute. 

So Ziyaad, this is for you:

As you enter the next phase of your life, 
May you always remain steadfast
In your unwavering quest to be yourself.
I pray that your life is filled with more moments
to treasure than those which create angst.
You are an example to all of being fearlessly authentic,
Walking your path in your way, 
Regardless of the pressures of society. 
Hold your head high as you traverse this world, 
Always confident and crystal in your vision.

You are about to enter the world as an adult, 
Please remember to keep the fire of that young kid alive, 
Never allow the trials of life to dictate your orientation,
Stay the course as you find your way, follow your passion,
And live your purpose. 
You have shown me what courage means, 
you have taught me the strength of LOVE, 
And above all,
You have shared your heart, your gentleness and joy with us,
For this we are eternally grateful,
Keep shining my son.
And we'll always be here to recharge those batteries ♥️

Some pics of our celebration of this young man:

Baby brother saying a few words

Younger brother paying his tribute

Dad representing me as well (I was wayyy to emotional to talk)

24 years married and boy we've weathered a lot!

Putting the finishing touches to his speech

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