Friday 18 May 2018

Ramadaan Rejuvenation

Happy Friday and Jumuah Mubarak readers!

Today is the first Jumuah of the Ramadaan, a month I look forward to, for it brings so many blessings and insights for me. This is usually a month of introspection for me, and this year I feel that I have accessed another layer within myself. This is mainly due to my Hajj, and the realisations and lessons learnt during that remarkable journey. I don't think anyone ever takes 6 weeks away from the rat race to reflect, to connect and to rejuvenate the soul.

Our lives are centred around rushing from one point to the next, in search of the next buck (which is important to feed our families) and in search of love (which I believe is important to nourish the soul). These two things are essential to our 'being' on earth, but allowing it to become all-consuming doesn't necessarily allow us the luxury of introspection. The tag line being: 'There is no time ' - for anything. I understand that not everyone has been afforded an opportunity to take 4-6 weeks away from life for a journey of a lifetime, however Ramadaan presents the time for this. This month is filled with opportunities for contemplation and supplication; it fuels the soul for spiritual rekindling. And yet, although there is 'no time', we're able to binge on series, online shop for ages, scour social media and get lost in a virtual world. I too watch series (but I can just manage 1/2 episodes at a time - if I'm lucky), online shop and sift through social media. But this month becomes my haven away from the virtual & physical world, indeed it becomes the time when my most meaningful connections happen. 

My Hajj has taught me that the space of spiritual contentment lies within me, ready to be accessed at any time. It's the space where my dialogue with my Creator emanates from and my introspection into my own souls contract occurs. Each year Ramadaan is a point from which I start afresh, I feel as if I am cleansed, both physically and emotionally. A time when I take stock of work and business ventures and assess my way forward for the next 12 months. One of the most important realisations for me has been to trust in Divine Decree; to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can take care of the day to day things, and the bigger picture is taken care of by the Almighty. I can plan each day, strategise the bigger picture but it is always with full trust in my Creator. And whether I have a bad/traumatic experience, that it too has it's purpose in teaching me something about myself. 
It's called "FAITH".

Without Faith I would be lost, floundering in a vast ocean with no sense of direction, nor a base to tether myself to. My family is key to my grounding during this month, we spend more time together, more mealtimes as a family, we try the prayer times together as far as possible and even preparing Iftar (to break fast) is done as a unit. For the 5 of us, it becomes a time where we connect more, as we're all home most of the time, there are no parties, no commitments apart from focusing on this time (and of course, sports as well!). It has become routine for our home to go quieter, it even feels as if a slowing down of the pace occurs. This is the most conducive environment for a wonderful and blessed Ramadaan.
I'd like to wish all my readers observing this month a Ramadaan Mubarak, may this be a healing and blissful month Insha A Allah♥️

I am still debating on whether I'll do any lookposts this month, it depends on my spiritual programme, but here's a Winter inspired look shot during a filming session. The fur coat is a vintage buy which I have had for a while, the boots, and jeans all old, and the bag purchased a good few years ago abroad.
My message this Winter is to repurpose what we have, and buy very specific key pieces to update your look. My pearl top is the only new item in this ensemble which was a very good buy from Phasionista.
Repurpose away lovelies!

Outfit details:

Faux Fur from Human Image (Thrift buy)
Woolworths ripped jeans
Phasionista pearl top
Mimco boots
Chanel bag
The Glam Closet sunglasses
Lovisa earrings
Scarf from a market

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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