Sunday 25 February 2018

Ameer turns 18 ❤️

Welcome lovely readers!

It's unreal that I have another kid turning 18! I cannot grasp this phase I have embarked upon, it's beyond challenging, it pushes me to new limits everyday, but also brings loads of laughs and fun. My second born turns 18, a mere 18 months after his older brother, and it seems that it snuck up on me in the blink of an eye. Once again, I find myself sentimental, and the image that's stuck in my head of Ameer is of this little wailing baby, who immediately latched, drank his fill and fell asleep! My labour experience with him was difficult, with the cord wrapped around his neck and him going into distress just before being born. It was a long delivery, spanning over Friday Jumuah, which was when the contractions started getting really intense. I requested an epidural and for some reason it only worked on the right side of the body, I could therefore feel everything on my left side throughout the birth! It was indeed an indication of life with Ameer, always something new around every corner.

I look at the young man he has grown into and my heart swells with love and pride; he is focused, responsible, loving and mischievous. He has presented us with challenges at every single turn, some of them forced us, as parents, out of our comfort zones. Over the years there have been emergency room trips, school meetings to discuss his inclination to challenge rules and boundaries, and during those same meetings we end up discussing your sterling academic achievements! We have realised, through him, how strong parents need to be in today's society, how we need to be a part of his life and contribute constructively to it. And through all of these experiences, we have developed a precious bond.

Everyday I see myself in you, 
And everyday your dad says the same. 
You have inherited the best of both of us, 
Your compassion, kindness and fun demeanour,
Is so much like Dad, 
Your singleminded focus, drive and easygoing nature,
Mirrors so much of me. 
From the moment you were placed in my arms,
I felt a peace, a connection so profound.
Your strong personality made itself known
in the first few moments you arrived in this world. 
Your fun and happy-go-lucky nature getting you out of scrapes,
Your charming smile melting hearts with ease.
As you grew into a young man, 
You made your needs known very clearly,
Unphased by obstacles in your path. 
Your adventurous streak has gotten you into hot water,
And your curiosity and zest for life brightens our home each day.
The unmistakable bond with your brothers is evident,
It's solid, and like an ever present security blanket.
I pray that you find your groove in a world, 
Fraught with distractions and trials.
I pray that life ahead is fulfilling, 
That you walk in the way of our faith, 
Proudly Muslim, 
Proudly Our Son.

My second born turning 18 has been another HUGE moment for me, and yet I feel that I am needed more than ever before. To guide, to protect, to love and launch into the world. 
I'll be sending a piece of my heart out there, to go and make a difference, and live purposefully. I pray for his life to be blessed with joy, happiness, peace, contentment and love. ♥️
Happy 18th birthday my Special Boy!

Mum & Dad

Only 18 months apart and like true brothers

You love all the little cousins and they adore you in return!

Always laughs when you're around! Your little brother looks up to you in so many ways

The always smiling little boy

Your first birthday party

Ciao for now,
RuBe x♥️x♥️

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