Friday 2 May 2014

Relaxed Sunset

Hello beauties,

April has been a month of holidays, public holidays randomly peppered in every week. Whilst this is generally cause for great concern with reduced productivity (can’t help thinking like a business person eek) it also means some well deserved family time. During the last long weekend, we decided to take a leisurely drive to the beautiful dorpie of Stellenbosch and visit Gerry at Giraffe House, since Ihsaan is a huge animal lover. The older brothers got dragged along against their will, but scored a hearty Ocean Basket meal at the end of the day, which was great compensation. 

The day ended off beautifully with us witness to another beautiful sunset on Strand Beach. I love the outdoors and feel its important to get my boys away from Playstation, Computers and TV when they’re on break from the hectic soccer schedule. It’s therefore important to grab the opportunities now before Winter is fully upon us!

Ameer is always happy despite being dragged against his will, Ziyaad, not so much ;-( 

Feeding the goats, they’re pretty smart little animals

My outfit:

Asos Maxi Dress
Ichi by Stylemology sleeveless denim jacket
Converse sneakers
Woolworths Fedora
ZARA handbag
Raphaella Booz cuff
River Island earrings
Asos LOVE ring
Gold chain gifted
Sunglasses by RayBan

Ciao for now, 


  1. You still look gorgeous at the end of the day! Lol. I also like wearing my sneakers with my maxi dresses for a more laid back look :-)

  2. You look amazing! I love this outfit. :)

  3. this post just made me add Giraffe House to my list of places to visit. Love your blog.

    Do check out mine. Not as amzing as yours but its a work i progress.

  4. this post just made me add Giraffe House to my list of places to check out. Love your blog!

    Do check out mine, Not as amazing as yours but its a work in progress.

    1. Ooh it's a definite must see. Thanks for reading, I'll pop I over to your blog and check it out. Xx