Tuesday 15 April 2014

Forest Ramblings with RAIN

Hi Lovely readers!

Last week, in the midst of our heatwave we were treated to an amazing day out by RAIN Africa in the Platbos Forest. The day dawned as stunning as expected, and I embarked on the 2 hour drive to The Gansbaai area to join my fellow Cape Town Bloggers on this adventure.

The venue is the origin of the RAIN Africa Tree mists, made by the custodian, Melissa Krige. I love the fact that for every mist she sells to RAIN she plants a tree in the forest. Melissa and her family live in the forest and have undertaken the mammoth task of ‘reforesting’ (I think that’s the word?) Amazing. 

We started off by taking a slow scenic walk through the forest, with Melissa pointing out the various trees, their properties and how helpful their essences are to humans. I found it really interesting that she mentioned studies showed that just spending time in wooded areas would help reduce ADHD in kids and bring some calm. I can totally believe that, as we strolled along the paths it was so serene and tranquil, the worries of the city left behind in the parking lot.

Thereafter, we were treated to a lovely Summer picnic lunch, with Ronel entertaining us with anecdotes and telling us more about the RAIN brand and spa treatments. I simply adore their products, I have previously blogged about the brand and the Sole spa treatment (read more here).
The day was finished off with a relaxing shoulder massage to send us on our way…in true RAIN style.

Thanks to RAIN and Melissa for hosting us in such an idyllic setting and ensuring that we had a fantastic day!

All photos courtesy of RAIN

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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