Friday 3 May 2013

Fun with boys

It's been a while since my last post, but I found myself playing nursemaid to sick boys these past two weeks. I suppose I shouldn't complain as they're not usually this ill, it's also made me realize how fast they grow up!

I watch as they walk into school or on the soccer field and cannot believe that they are little men in the making. It becomes clearer  the older they get (and of course taller!). At times i feel nostaligic for times when they were younger, and keen to spend time with mum and dad. Now most of the time we spend together consists of driving to and fro, and the usual mealtime get togethers. Its sad to become waware that the 'old' days are gone, that your responsibilites are getting greater.

Whilst I know that I cannot turn back the clock, I do know that its important to spend as much time as I can with them. These moments are so transient, and when they were sick it was like having my three little babies again! Now they are all better, back to being busy with school, sport, friends and games!

My word of advice to mums and future mums out there is to enjoy the trials and tribulations... and more importantly cherish the good times. In fact, hold all the moments dear in your hearts. :-)

I've put together some pics of some memorable family moments...

Strike a pose

Ihsaan at Ratanga (sporting his sunnies lol)

Ziyaad looking more grown up nowadays

Visit to Dalebrook

Waiting for his turn on the lake

Tourists on the topless bus

Family wedding time...
Ihsaan along with fellow page boy/ mini groomsman
Anniversary cruise in December

Tourists in Cape Town
Adrenaline junkies!!

World cup memories

Look how little they were!
Despite all the fighting, they are so close!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo


  1. Oh this post made me teary - I am experiencing the same thing - with my older 2 especially. It's as if - as they are growing up - they are growing away from me *sniff*
    Your pics are lovely - good to have these to look back on one day :)

    1. I was feeling tearful when I wrote this hehe. We love photos as out memories are all we have when they move on :-). Ai, that makes me sound so old ;-)