Saturday 16 March 2013

An evening with Cirque du Soleil

Last weekend I attended Cirque Du Soleil, the Canadian "circus", or rather, an organized show of street performers. They are actually a group of amazing contortionists and performers and I was thoroughly entertained. The costumes, props and music all culminated into a spectacular show. It is obvious why they are such a huge hit worldwide, they also incorporate various cultures into their acts.

The cute clowns (not really clowns in the traditional sense) also brought a welcome element of humour to evening. I was further impressed by the singing, the two performers had such beautiful voices. All in all it was an enjoyable evening, and really what I needed to relax! Nothing like a trip into fantasy land to help you ease the mind.

I decided to wear a sparkly top with spikes (my favourite trend of the moment) with gladiator heels. I also paired a cropped leather jacket in case it turned chilly (unfortunately I don't have a pic ;( ) 

I was wearing:
Top by Linx @ Zando
ZARA jeans 
Witchery Sandals

Images courtesy of BIG Concerts

Ciao for now,

RuBe xoxo


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  2. Ooh that studded top is so fab!! Wish I could have seen that amazing show as well. Xx