Tuesday 16 October 2012

My intro to Blogging

 I am a creative soul employed in a full time finance job, and feel the need to vent some of my creative frustrations through the start of this blog.
My favourite pastime is perusing the recent fashion pages, trawling fashion sites and reading up on new fashions. It is great to see what is happening in fashion in SA as wellas all over the world. I enjoy travelling and buying new things, from bags and heels to dresses and even home décor. In fact, all things beautiful inspire me: flowers, beautiful landscapes, art, jewellery and the list goes on…
I also enjoy cooking, writing, reading (anything from blogs to novels to financial mail!), travelling, family holidays, browsing art galleries/sites, museums and listening to music.  
I'm still new at this and not sure how to get new followers so any help will be appreciated! I love all the blogs I have read recently and particularly enjoy the beautiful outfits, and inspiring words!
So now I am part of the blogging community that keeps me glued to my iPad, iPhone, laptop....

Ciao for now,
RuBe Reloaded

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