Thursday 25 October 2012

Losing anonymity- unveiling the familia

Until now, my blog has been relatively quiet and on the down-low, aside from hubby and one or two friends who have seen it. This is mainly because it feels good to blog anonymously, you can be as bad or good  as you like and it wouldn’t matter!
Of course this is not the way it works, especially when one has an incredibly supportive/ involved family, where there are no (or very few secrets)!  I originate from such a family- it’s always a good thing to know that everyone cares, however when you are still on this new path and very unsure of yourself, it’s a bit disquieting (knowing that they are checking up on you!). So, thanks to hubby for advertising the blog on Facebook, my sister for following suit, thereby ensuring more readers and a little bit of pressure to update regularly…
So let’s start with an introduction to my immediate family, a hubby (Ghaalid) who is an absolute gem- always supportive and my biggest fan. I have three busy boys- all with different personalities, their ages 14, 12 and 8 (also huge fans). It’s a blessing having had my kids so early, as I now have the energy to keep up with them. Or should be able to!
The 4 men in my life

My 14 year old, Ziyaad is a typical teenager- at times happy and carefree only thinking of fashion and shopping (his favourite pastime!) and at other times morose and uninterested. He’s even discovered online shopping and tirelessly browses Mr Price’s online store… best to keep my latest purchase hidden from him!

Ziyaad 'sleeping' off the shopping exhaustion!

The 12 year old, Ameer is a sensitive, mischievous youngster who certainly keeps me on my toes! If anything, he ensures that life in our house is not boring- it includes visits to the principal’s office and trips to the emergency room for stitches!
Ameer celebrating a win at bowling

My baby, 8 year old Ihsaan is a vibrant little chatterbox and so inquisitive that I feel as if I answer a million questions per day! We call him our “ou mannetjie” (old man) since he’s so fussy, with his neatly arranged wardrobe and drawers, to regular washing of hands! He also absolutely loves board games, and has a preference for MonopolyJ
Ihsaan having a bit of fun on V & A

The thing is: they are all the light of my life… these four “men” who keep me sane, drive me insane at times, and above all teach me the joys of living each day.
Looking very  happy at the prospect of some ice cream after bowling
Mom you can do it- just choose the right ball....
Hmmm which one should I choose?

Ciao for now,


  1. You have a beautiful family!! 3 boys... I'm exhausted just at the thought! He-he xx

    1. Thanks Charlie! I go through varying levels of exhaustion lol! But it's part of being a mom I suppose (0o)


  2. I stumbled upon this post now, so sweet! :) -Shafeeqa