Monday, 1 April 2013

Things I am grateful for

Life seems to have returned to it's crazed state when I was at work full time! My decision is final and I will not be returning to the corporate world (for now). Instead, I will spend it on other things which matter just as much- my family, myself and so many other things I've always wanted to do, but never had the time. For now, wrapping up at work is taking a lot of time and it makes me realise why I embarked on the sabbatical in the first place (o0).

Whilst I miss the interactions and daily challenges of my job, I have compiled a list of  things/ moments I will gain by taking this huge step, (things which are generally taken for granted)
  1. My health
  2. My relationship with hubby
  3. The random moments spent with my boys i.e.
      1. A chess game (or any game) here and there
      2. Watching a movie together during the day (where I am present and not checking emails or taking calls)
      3. Having lunch together after school and chatting about the school day
  4. Our extended families
  5. Being able to attend school events I previously missed
  6. Having the time to bake an actual cake for birthdays instead of popping to the bakery after work
  7. The ability to go to gym regularly
  8. When asked for a special lunchbox meal, it's not a big deal to spend the extra time making it.

I will definitely miss the corporate wear, my stilettos and daily make up routine. But these I can happily shelf until another time. For now, I spend my time in jeans, maxi dresses, skirts and wedges and pumps!

My non-corporate look below features an Asos maxi dress, with a denim shirt worn over it and belted.

I am wearing:
Ralph Lauren maxi (Asos)
Denim shirt by Legend
Belt old
Levi's Wedges
Bracelets: SassDiva, Honey and gifted silver bracelet
Ring: Shimanksy Millenium collection
Necklace: Sass Diva 

Ciao for now,